The Anthony Scaramucci hustle

For a guy who says he doesn’t crave media attention, Anthony Scaramucci spends a lot of time talking to reporters. When he’s not doing lengthy interviews on CNN, he’s unleashing profanity-laced tirades about his White House colleagues to a journalist from the New Yorker.

Under normal circumstances, a communications director would lose his job for assuming a conversation was off-the-record and describing senior White House officials as – well, I can’t say how he described them or I’d lose mine. But these, of course, are not normal times in Washington. And Scaramucci is not accountable to the American people. He’s playing to an audience of one, the president.

His personality, combativeness, accent and even his hand gestures mirror Donald Trump’s. And unlike Sean Spicer, he fights back against the media, in the slick, combative New York hustler style that has been Trump’s trademark for decades.

Trump doesn’t want his senior advisers to get along with each other. He wants them to show unbridled loyalty to him. And that’s exactly what The Mooch is doing.

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