Justin Trudeau not really the free world’s best hope

I suppose you could argue that positive international exposure for Justin Trudeau is beneficial for Canada. Maybe it increases the likelihood that companies will invest in our country or people will come here to work or to visit.

But from a Canadian perspective, the international fawning over Trudeau is starting to wear a little bit thin. He might be quite different from Donald Trump in tone and appearance, but he’s not the free world’s best hope, to answer the question posed by Rolling Stone’s cover story. He’s just a politician who has both kept and broken promises and not so long ago elbowed someone in the chest during a skirmish in the House of Commons.

No matter how much some Americans might pine for an alternative, it’s dangerous to invest too much hope in one human being. And there’s an escalating risk for Trudeau if he fails to live up to the hype of his rock-star status. Canada doesn’t need someone who looks good on the cover of an American magazine. We just need a prime minister who can do a good job at home.

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