There is no logical basis for opposing a Muslim cemetery

There is no reason why a Muslim cemetery cannot and should not be built in the area near Quebec City.

When six Muslims were killed in a shooting at a mosque earlier this year, the outpouring of support was significant and it seemed like it was genuine. But if those words aren’t backed up with deeds, then they were meaningless.

There are faith-based cemeteries all over this country. There is no logical basis for opposing another one. In fact, to stop it from happening is very likely a human rights violation. The Muslim community could go to court to force a cemetery to be built, but that’s not the way this should be resolved. No one should have to travel thousands of miles to bury a loved one and no one should have to launch a charter challenge to build a new religious burial ground.

The community in Quebec should reconsider its decision and demonstrate that in Canada, the rights of all people are equal, and the support shown to the families of the shooting victims wasn’t an empty gesture.

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