About the Omar Khadr settlement

Every time Prime Minister Trudeau talks about the Omar Khadr settlement, he seems to raise more questions than he answers. This weekend, Trudeau said that when governments violate the fundamental rights of Canadians, there have to be consequences. He wants this to be the message to all future governments.

I’m not sure the preachy tone of that comment will address the many concerns of Canadians who don’t agree with the multi-million-dollar settlement. Trudeau also said if the case had gone to court, it would have cost $30 to $40 million. Where’s the evidence of that?

Canadians have a right to know whether those are realistic estimates or whether the prime minister just pulled the numbers out of the air. Trudeau should also decide: Was this a matter of principle and a lesson for his successors or simply the best deal the government could negotiate. It can’t be both.

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