For better or worse, Donald Trump was the newsmaker of 2017

There’s little question that the most significant person of the year is Donald Trump. Since his inauguration in January, the president of the United States has dominated attention around the world. It was almost impossible to go to a news website without finding his name in multiple headlines.

Trump has struggled through his first year in the White House and has been plagued by the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. But he also passed immigration reform and a major tax bill. And while his approval ratings are low, he continues to have a committed base of support and a remarkable ability to distract the public from some of the challenges he has faced.

No one should be surprised if he gets more of his agenda implemented in 2018, nor if his administration starts to look more organized and competent, at least in comparison to this year. Many people didn’t think Trump would last one year as president. Now, I’d be surprised if he didn’t finish at least his first term. Either way, he’s still the biggest newsmaker of 2017.

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