Why I'm taking a pass on Boxing Day sales

I must admit, I’m still struggling to understand the phenomenon of the Boxing Day sale. I know there are sometimes good deals, but the whole event seems to have been overtaken by Black Friday now. And even if there were terrific prices on electronics or other products, to me, they simply aren’t worth the amount of time and aggravation involved in securing them.

I spend enough of my day in traffic during the year, and enough time in shopping malls leading up to Christmas that I’m not even remotely interested in fighting through the holiday version of rush hour on the Queensway on Boxing Day, then performing the role of a parking vulture, circling a mall lot until someone departs, hoping to snap up their precious spot, then battling through the crowds and long lines in the stores themselves.

Frankly, there are fewer places I’d less like to be during the holidays. Haven’t any of these people heard of online shopping? If a sale on Boxing Day – or Boxing Week, as it’s called now – is what makes you happy, then more power to you. But I’d rather stay at home.

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