The Liberals should break their promise to restore door-to-door delivery

Let’s hope the Liberals continue to miss deadlines for restoring door-to-door mail delivery in Canada. It was a bad campaign promise that they should never keep.

Most Canadians don’t get door-to-door delivery right now, so preserving the service for those who do is defending a two-tier system. More importantly, fulfilling the promise would constrain Canada Post to a business model that doesn’t work. And for how long? Should some Canadians be guaranteed door-to-door delivery forever, for the next 10 years or five? When will the government let the market dictate the level of service rather than their ill-conceived promise?

We should review Canada Post’s mandate and strategy in the digital age. I’m not excited about the prospect of the sky being filled with drones carrying all of our Amazon packages to our doors, but that’s the future that Canada Post must contemplate. Being held back by a campaign promise that was designed to win favour with disappointed customers but has no basis in logic or respect for business conditions is not going to help Canada Post or the taxpayers who will have to shoulder its losses.

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