Trump may have lost the battle, but the war isn't over

Before Donald Trump’s opponents enter into a prolonged celebration over the defeat of Roy Moore and start imagining a Democratic sweep in next year’s mid-terms, everyone should take a deep breath and put the election result in perspective.

Just like by-elections in Canada, special votes in the U.S. rarely reflect overall electoral trends. And in this case, it’s hard to imagine any Alabama Republican other than Moore or some other accused sexual predator losing the seat. The fact that Moore almost won shouldn't temper any victory dance by the Democrats. And while it doesn’t look good on Trump to have endorsed a candidate who lost, the president has actually been spared the problem of having Moore in Washington, where he might have further divided and embarrassed Republicans.

Instead, everyone, including Trump, can bid good riddance to the Alabama judge. Trump and his supporters may have lost the battle but they are still fighting the war. And that war is far from over.

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