The US needs to stop ignoring the facts

The defenders of gun rights, like US President Donald Trump, ignore all the evidence when they argue that more people would die if there were fewer guns in America. There is no statistical relationship between the unusually high number of mass shootings in the United States and the rate of crime, racial tension or mental illness.

But America has 270 million guns, more than five times as many as any other country on earth. It’s no coincidence that America also has had five times as many mass shootings since 1966 than any other country. No matter what twisted logic the gun advocates promote, it’s as simple as this: the more guns there are, the more people get shot.

Someone living in New York is just as likely to get robbed as someone in London. But the New Yorker is 54 times more likely to be killed in the process. There are so many guns in the United States, it’s almost too late to do anything about it now. But nothing will ever change as long as people ignore the overwhelming evidence that guns don’t save lives. They end them.

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