Let's see football players, not the weather, decide the Grey Cup

Some traditions are worth preserving, but I’m not sure why everyone is so tied to having the Grey Cup game in late November. When we asked the question of 1310 listeners yesterday, very few people liked the idea of moving the championship game back a couple of weeks to decrease the odds of bad weather.

To many fans, there’s something wonderfully Canadian about seeing football played in any weather, even if that means the field is covered in snow throughout the most important game of the year. I don’t get it. I want to see the athletes at their best, not some kind of sports blooper reel in which the game gets decided based on stumbles and fumbles. What would be the harm in starting the season two weeks earlier and having the final game in mid-November?

There would be no guarantee of good weather, of course, but at least the odds would be a little better. If we’re going to play the game outdoors in places like Ottawa, Edmonton and Winnipeg, we should try our best to let the players, and not the weather, be the story.

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