November 24, 2017: My Top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week.

Sarah Boesveld, Senior Writer at Chatelaine

Chatelaine Senior Writer, Sarah Boesveld, joined me to discuss the Basil Borutski trial on Wednesday while the jury deliberated on the verdict. Borutski was found guilty of two counts of first-degree and one count of second-degree murder earlier today. “Murders are a lot more common than we even realize,” she says. “This is a big story in ottawa, but it’s not around the rest of the country.” Listen to the full here.

Mayor Jim Watson

Mayor Jim Watson joined me this week to discuss the Grey Cup weekend, the redevelopment of LeBreton Flats and the Salvation Army controversy in Vanier. The Mayor says the Grey Cup is “a really great opportunity not only to showcase the city and have a great time but also really to support the tourism industry and job creation in the city.” Listen here for the full interview.

Michael Polowin

Lawyer Mike Polowin joined me to discuss the legal opposition to the Salvation Army plans for Vanier. Polowin’s team doesn't think that having a shelter in a residential area follows city guidelines regarding social services in a residential area. His solution to the problem: “put it somewhere else”. For more of his thoughts on the matter, listen here.

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