November 17, 2017: My top 3 Ottawa Today interviews from this week

1. Spencer West, inspirational speaker

Spencer West joined me to share his inspirational story and discuss his appearance at WE Day Ottawa. When West was five years old, his legs were amputated below his pelvis due to a genetic disorder. But in 2012, West climbed Mount Kilimanjaro -- on his hands -- with his two best friends and raised $500,000 for clean water in Kenya. For the full story, listen here

2. Rick Hansen, Paralympian & Activist

Canadian Paralympian and activist Rick Hansen joined me to discuss his appearance at WE DAY in Ottawa. Hansen and WE have partnered up in a global mission for inclusivity through programs in schools that aim to raise awareness and positivity. For his thoughts on breaking down barriers for people with disabilities, listen to the full interview

3. Paul Dewar, former NDP MP

Former NDP MP and foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar joined me to discuss his trip to Algeria. Dewar went to Algeria to talk about leadership and politics with youth before the municipal election in late November. His team also helped train people on democratic election framework. For his thoughts on political growth, listen here.

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