Don Cherry is wrong: the Senators aren't going to Quebec City

Don Cherry is wrong about the Ottawa Senators. They aren’t going anywhere. While it’s been a struggle to draw crowds this year at Canadian Tire Centre, even with the reconfigured arena that has fewer seats, the Senators are still attracting more than 15,000 fans a game – not great, but better than six other teams in the league.

There’s no question the Senators’ fortunes would improve if they moved downtown, and federal and municipal officials should continue to work hard toward that goal because it’s not only good for the hockey team, it’s ideal for the city. But even if the Senators don’t get to LeBreton Flats in the next few years, that doesn’t mean they’ll move to Quebec City.

There are other teams in far more dire situations than the Senators. But most importantly, if NHL commissioner Gary Bettman can sell an expansion franchise to Quebec business leaders for $500 million, why would he let another Canadian team move there at no cost? There’s a long list of reasons why the Senators aren’t going to move. Cash is the biggest one of all.

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