We must remember, and care for, our veterans throughout the year

It’s hard to imagine what our world would be like today without the extraordinary sacrifice made by hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and their families, over the last 125 years.

We aren’t living in paradise today. We’re troubled by terrorism and the prospect of conflict in several places in the world. But our lives are as close to ideal as anyone could have dreamed or imagined in 1914 or 1941. Thanks in large part to generations of young Canadian men and women, who did far more than their share, the last 70 years have been one of the most peaceful times the world has ever seen.

On Remembrance Day, we are grateful for their heroism, for their sacrifice and for their valour. But we must do more than just wear poppies and pay tribute to them as veterans. We must support them and ensure the debt we owe them is repaid through proper care and resources, especially for veterans who are homeless, ill and injured. We can’t remember them on November 11 and forget them for the rest of the year.

Here are but a few organizations you can choose to support throughout the year:

Vets Canada
Soldier On
Wounded Warriors Canada
The Royal Canadian Legion
Canada Company
True Patriot Love

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