Sadly, even after Las Vegas, the pattern of mass shootings will continue

The chilling sound of rapid automatic gunfire in the videos recorded at a music festival in Las Vegas raises an important question that America must face: Why should anyone have the right to own a weapon with that kind of power?

There are many arguments that are raised against gun control, including the rights of peaceful, law-abiding gun owners and the prospect of concealed weapons serving as a deterrent to violent crime. But there’s no convincing argument to justify the presence of automatic weapons in American life. Yes, sometimes those weapons are obtained illegally, so no amount of legislation can completely prevent an event like the shooting in Las Vegas. And there’s so much more to the issue than gun control.

But as the death toll from the long list of mass shootings grows, there’s no question America has a gun problem. There are simply too many guns and too many guns that are far too powerful. Sadly, there’s very little public and political will to do anything about it, which means it won’t be long before another event like this happens and we’ll have the same discussion all over again.

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