Why Trump didn't pay the price that Weinstein did

Many people are wondering why in the face of sexual assault allegations, Harvey Weinstein and Bill O’Reilly lost their jobs while Donald Trump got elected president. One reason is that politics and business are two very different environments.

Unlike the board members at Fox and the Weinstein Company, the voters had no liability risk or business considerations, like potential backlashes and boycotts, when they put Trump in the White House. Trump’s supporters also cared less about his past behaviour than his promises to drain the swamp and clean up Washington. But like most things about the 2016 election, this was as much about Hillary Clinton as it was about Trump.

First of all, given Bill Clinton’s record it was hard for the Democrats to pounce on Trump for his treatment of women. But most importantly, Hillary Clinton was the most unpopular and polarizing Democratic candidate in a generation. No matter how distasteful Trump appeared, to millions of voters, Clinton was worse. Almost any other candidate might have beaten Trump even without the allegations and the Access Hollywood tape. Clinton couldn’t even beat him with them.

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