Halfway point brings a reality check for the Liberals

On Thursday it will be two years since Justin Trudeau and the Liberals were swept to power with a majority government. It was a remarkable and historic win. Many Canadians were excited to have a new government that spoke of hope and real change. 

Two years later, though, reality has sunk in. The government has broken promises on running deficits and reforming the way we vote. And Bill Morneau, the highly touted finance minister, has stumbled and often come across as tone deaf. How does it look to the middle-class Canadians he professes to defend that he owns a villa in the south of France?

One poll last week put the Liberals in a tie with the Conservatives. The next federal election is still two years away. That’s certainly more than enough time for the Liberals to get back on track, but it will take a major reset.

The bubble has burst. The fortunes of this government now depend on whether Trudeau can replace the evaporating optimism and symbolism with a series of accomplishments that actually mean something to Canadians. 


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