Trudeau's Liberals practice politics like any other party

Remember when Justin Trudeau was going to bring a new, less partisan approach to government? All points of view would be respected, nasty attacks would be cast aside. In other words, he wouldn’t behave like Stephen Harper.

Well, last week the Liberals did exactly what they used to accuse the Conservatives of doing. They exploited an issue that would resonate with their base and sent out fundraising emails to their supporters to try to capitalize on it.

First they rejected the proposed candidate brought forward by the opposition to chair a committee, then they appointed another Conservative MP who explicitly said she didn’t want the job. The personal views of an MP should not disqualify her from chairing a committee. Let’s be honest: the Liberals weren’t taking a stand on principle; they were trying to draw attention to the social conservatives in the ranks of the official opposition. The Liberals practice the dark arts of politics as well and as often as any other party. They should stop posing as the angels of sunny ways.

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